Transportation and Logistics Advisors (TandLA) is a specialty management consulting firm with deep experience in transportation, logistics, and supply chain.  For more than 25 years, TandLA partners and staff have advised clients on important issues and challenges, including strategy, business planning, financial decision support, marketing, operations improvement, acquisition due diligence, and litigation support.  

We Have Expertise in Several Related Industries

  • We are industry experts – not generalists floating from industry to industry
  • We focus on a few primary areas
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • Supply Chain
    • Energy and Resources
    • Manufacturing and Distribution

Our deep industry knowledge results in high quality work

  • All projects are managed and worked on by Partners who have been the partner in charge for hundreds of projects
  • The example projects and qualifications for TandLA are the qualifications of the specific people who will work on your project.  They are not the random qualifications of long-ago projects done by uninvolved employees

We Know How to Apply Theory to Client Realities

  • We answer client questions with thorough research and detailed analysis
  • We understand both the industry and company-specific contexts
  • We share our opinions as well as our research

Case Studies

  • Develop 3PL Business Plan

    Client was active in transportation industry and wanted to determine if there was an opportunity to develop a 3PL for the bulk commodities markets. However, client did not know what commodities had the best opportunities, capabilities required, what service offerings provided the greatest potential customer value, and the most attractive target customers.

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  • Develop 3PL eFulfillment Strategy

    Client was a successful 3PL serving traditional brick and mortar based markets, but felt there were significant opportunities to develop a strong eFulfillment offering for existing and new customers. While client had dipped toe into eFulfillment, it believed it needed to better understand the eFulfillment market and sub-segments and capabilities required to grow in the eCommerce/eFulfillment space.

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  • HVAC Supply Chain Improvement

    A leading HVAC manufacturer had declining profit in its light commercial product line. With 100 SKUs and seasonal demand, its perceived options included either immense inventory spread throughout the U.S., or significant lost sales. With high margins, neither alternative was ideal. Simultaneously, shareholders expected significant bottom-line growth.

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  • PE Acquisition

    Private Equity client was considering acquring a trucking services company.  Client needed a better understanding of market size and growth for service offered, how the target acquisition company added value to its customers, and competitive positioning.

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  • Post Acquisition Growth Strategy

    Private equity client and their newly acquired transportation company wanted to develop a growth strategy.  Based upon our industry knowledge, contacts, and given that we had performed the market and competitive acquisition diligence we were asked to assist in the process. 

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  • Pricing Improvement

    Railroad pricing managers and analysts had a large and growing number of contracts and individual rates.  Management was concerned that they did not have the proper processes, measures, metrics, and tools to support good pricing decision-making given the workload. 

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  • Regional Parcel Market Assessment

    Client wanted to better understand the growing and evolving regional small parcel market.

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  • Strategic Planning for Rail Supply Company

    Company was challenged by a weak competitive position, a high cost structure, and its financial condition.  Client needed a plan to succeed short-term while improving its overall position long-term.  The client asked us to lead its annual strategic and tactical planning process for several years.

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